I’d been thinking about beginning a blog to chronicle my journey from expectant mom to mom and raising my son. At 27 weeks, I figured maybe it was time to get started if I was going to do it. 

Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m 37 and pregnant with my first child. A little late in life to be having a child maybe, but this baby is a miracle for me. I’d been told most of my life that I would never get pregnant because of medical issues. Then in March of this year, I got the greatest gift I could ever be given. I was told that I was pregnant and I was ecstatic at the news. I wish I could say the same for the father, whom I was engaged to. He walked out on us two weeks later. I won’t get into the dirty details, but he’s a deadbeat in the worst sense, with 2 other kids he doesn’t support or see. Its taken me several months, and the support of friends and loved ones, for me to finally accept that my son and I will be better off without him as more and more info about things he’d done and said, even while we were together, came out. I moved back to where I grew up, to be near my parents (who, let me tell you, are excited because this will probably be the only grandkid they ever see) and other family and friends, who have all stepped up and been a huge support system for me.

I’m a full on geek…nerd…whatever you want to label me. I love sci-fi, fantasy, horror, video games, going to conventions (was blessed enough to work for Dragon*Con for a number of years, and can’t wait until my little one is old enough for me to take him to his first one). I look forward to introducing my son to the things I love, to seeing the wonder and discovery in his eyes as he goes on his first adventure with the Doctor, mimics the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, or gazes at the stars and dreams about traveling them like the heroes he sees in Star Wars and Star Trek. To watch with pride as he pretends to be a pirate or wizard or adventurer…wherever his imagination may take him.

I know I have a long and often hard road ahead of me, being a single mom late in life, but it will be worth every moment.


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