Yes, its been 2 weeks since I’ve posted but a lot has happened in that time, like moving into a new apartment. Then the little man decided to throw a monkey wrench into his mama’s plans for the rest of the pregnancy. My membrane ruptured on Thursday night. I had gone on break from my job during a very stressful night at work, and called my mom just to vent and calm down a little bit. I said to her “If anything is going to send me into labor early, it will be this job”. We talked for a few minutes before I hung up, heading to get something to eat for dinner. As I stood up, there was a gush like Niagra Falls down my legs. Instant panic accompanied by the thought that it was too early. I quickly dialed my mom back as I waddled as fast as I could into the bathroom, fluid still coming. A brief debate on whether or not I had peed myself or if my water had broken ensued, before determining that yes, my water had broken. An ambulance was quickly called and I was rushed to the local hospital, where after a flurry of exams and tests and poking and prodding, the news that I would be spending the rest of my pregnancy in the hospital. Until I was 34 weeks or he decided he wanted to come out….whichever came first. At this point, it looks like 34 weeks will happen before he decides he wants to come out. I’ve had no contractions, he’s strong and healthy and a good size, and I’ve got no health issues. But because the membrane is ruptured, there is a chance he could get an infection.

So here we are…..I’m comfortably (somewhat) ensconced in a private room on the antepartum unit at the hospital. Getting to know all the staff well, getting know my neighbors (I’m about the only one not confined to bed), and exploring what little part of the floor I’m allowed to see.

I wonder if I can use this for blackmail or guilt material when he turns into a teenager……